Core to Camcon Medical’s strategy: collaboration and partnership

Daniel Chapchal, CEO and Deputy Chairman at Camcon Federation of Companies provides his business insight into why collaboration and partnership is a key aspect of driving company success.

Whilst always being a businessman, I have had a varied career history, which began as a Chartered Accountant. At the age of 23 became Chief Accountant and subsequently Managing Director of a subsidiary of public company, manufacturing Electronic Components. After several years I had the opportunity to work in the US and Australia for an international company, supplying Pre-press systems for the newspaper industry.

I eventually decided to return to the UK, where I became CEO of a small company in the Architectural Cad-Cam market. The company experienced significant growth over a short period and were in urgent need of support. I successfully managed to turn their situation around and the company was acquired by MacDonald Douglas information systems. As CEO, I have facilitated the growth of several companies, including start-ups, attracting interest from potential partners and acquisitions by larger organisations.

Since, I have been chairman of two public companies, and started Camcon Federation of Companies with Wladyslaw Wygnanski, when we met back in 1999. I was initially approached to help raise funds to grow the company, which led to receiving investments from Lord David Young, who I had known and worked with for some time.

The key to growth and success

Throughout my career I have gained a greater appreciation for the importance of collaboration with larger organisations – it plays a big part in accelerating the growth of a small company. For all Camcon Companies, this has been a key aspect of the business model.

This is a two-way process involving effort from both parties. Major players in any market are often looking for bright, inventive entrepreneurial companies to breathe new life into its portfolio, whilst small companies are searching for the muscle which can propel its growth and hero its technology or product.

In my opinion, an ideal partnership has two key rules, synergy and acceptance. Both companies need to be open and larger organisations need to be accepting of radical ideas that can prove to be highly profitable.

The ideal partner will also depend on what you are searching for; more often than not, it is more than just investment. For Camcon Medical, although we will continue to be the ‘think tank’ behind new innovations that use Binary Actuation Technology (BAT), our vision is to collaborate with specialist major players within the healthcare market. This will help advance the many approvals and certifications which are demanded for the acceptance and adoption of new technologies, as well as the marketing and distribution, in the UK and globally.

With successful collaboration, I envisage that Camcon Medical’s products will secure international acceptance, and as a result of the great advancements this technology can bring, the healthcare industry will witness a revolution in its current standards. Not only in healthcare, but also the life sciences industry – with the extensive applications of BAT, it should logically follow that both industries will want to adopt Camcon’s products and BAT itself!


Daniel Chapchal



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