Advancing healthcare
through precision flow control

About Camcon Medical

Camcon Medical applies its revolutionary patented Binary Actuation Technology (BAT) to any area of healthcare or life sciences with precise, rapid and low energy control of fluid and gas flow.

BAT is engineered to develop new, or improve existing medical devices and beyond, delivering superior clinical, quality of life and cost benefits.

Binary Actuation Technology

Binary Actuation Technology (BAT) is a set of pioneering scientific principles that delivers rapid, low energy and precise flow control never seen before.

Building on successful heritage in the automotive, oil and gas industries,
BAT arrives in the healthcare and life sciences industries to solve areas of substantial unmet medical need.

Intelligent Medical Oxygen Delivery (IMOD®)

IMOD® is one of the first medical devices to harness BAT, producing the most responsive oxygen therapy device to date.

IMOD® advances oxygen therapy through precise, intelligent flow control, monitoring and automatically adjusting to a patient’s oxygen requirements, providing immediate therapy with the slightest inhalation.

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