Camcon Medical shortlisted for Disruptive Technology award!

Author: Daniel Chapchal, CEO and Deputy Chairman at Camcon Federation of Companies

We are thrilled to announce that Camcon Medical has been shortlisted in the upcoming Business Weekly Awards, a ceremony that recognises innovation, business and entrepreneurship from a variety of sectors.

Having recently launched as a company, this is incredibly exciting news for Camcon Medical. Being acknowledged amongst the world-class entrepreneurial community of Cambridge and the East of England is a true honour. It reaffirms our belief in the value of Binary Actuation Technology (BAT) and the potential for this unique energy-recycling valve technology to revolutionise fluid control in the healthcare and life sciences industries.

Camcon Medical has been shortlisted in the Disruptive Technology category, whereby companies are shortlisted based on having a science or technology which is deemed to be genuinely game-changing. Further still, with Disruptive Technology being one of the categories which received the most entries, this news is even more of an achievement.

The term ‘disruptive’ perfectly aligns with our vision for Camcon Medical. Our belief that for a technology to truly be ‘disruptive’ and innovative in these industries, it should deliver three core dimensions of value – clinical benefit, patient quality of life and economic value to the whole system. We believe BAT does just that!

We look forward to attending the prestigious Business Weekly Awards on 20 March 2019 in Cambridge. It will be a great opportunity to learn more about the other innovations and technologies that have been shortlisted and see whether there are any key learnings we can take on board as we embark on our own journey into the world of med-tech!  We are confident of the quality of our contribution.

Wladyslaw Wygnanski, inventor of BAT and Director at Camcon Medical Ltd. adds, “As an inventor, having your technology shortlisted as a potential game-changer is heart-warming. Since its invention in 1998, it has always been my main hope and ambition that BAT will ultimately be used to help people. Having BAT’s potential recognised within healthcare so soon after launching into the medical field is truly amazing! It reaffirms our belief that this technology really can deliver considerable benefit to healthcare and the life sciences.”



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